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Corporate Sign Form

  • Your corporate identification sign will be produced by the USGA. All signs will be uniform in size and color and will include only the U.S. Women's Open logo and the name of your company. Company logos or slogans will not be printed on the sign and all wording will be the same generic typeface.
  • Please note the following with regard to the USGA’s signage policy:

    - For companies sharing their hospitality package with one or more contracted companies, please note that all partners’ names will be printed on one sign and that the limit of three (3) lines and 20 characters per line must include all sharing partners.
  • - Requests to include the company name of a subsidiary, affiliate or other entity separate from your company will not be granted unless each company enters into its own agreement with the USGA.
  • - In addition to the company name listed in your corporate hospitality agreement, the USGA will permit up to two (2) division names, brand names and/or trade names to be listed on your sign, space permitting, upon USGA approval.
  • Company Name As You Would Like It To Appear On Your Sign

    Please indicate below exactly how you would like your company name to appear on your corporate identification sign. Please be specific with regard to spacing, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations, etc. The sign can accommodate up to three (3) lines. You are permitted up to twenty (20) characters per line.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to the above address upon receipt of the submitted form.