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Reserving Your Option

The USGA requires a signed letter of intent as well as the requisite deposit to officially reserve any of the corporate hospitality packages.

The commitment process is outlined below for your convenience.

Commitment Process

  1. Complete the Letter of Intent (LOI).
    • Contact the MSG Promotions office at 484-223-3295 to request a specific letter of intent.
  2. Submit the required deposit via company check, credit card or wire transfer.
    • Payment instructions will be communicated upon receipt of the signed LOI.
  3. Review and sign the formal Hospitality Agreement.
    • Upon receipt of the signed LOI and deposit, the USGA will prepare a formal Hospitality Agreement.  There will be a 30 day review period from the date the agreement is received to review, sign and submit.  During the 30 day review period, the deposit is 100% refundable.

Please Note:

Please call MSG Promotions, Inc. at 484.223.3295 with any questions you have regarding the commitment process or to request an LOI.

Additional Information:

Sharing Policy

A sharing arrangement is necessary not only when two (or more) non-related companies agree to share the cost and amenities of a hospitality package, but also when two (or more) related but legally distinct companies agree to such an arrangement.  Examples of related but legally distinct companies include, but are not limited to, subsidiaries, sister companies and affiliates.

In the event, you wish to enter a sharing arrangement, please contact an MSG Promotions, Inc. representative immediately.  A modified letter reflecting the sharing arrangement and deposit due will be provided to you and to your sharing partner(s) to complete and return with the revised deposit amount. Once the completed letters are received from your company and from your sharing partner(s), the USGA will prepare a hospitality agreement for each company for their percentage share of the hospitality package.

The USGA reserves the right to approve any requested sharing arrangement. Generally, sharing arrangements are limited by the USGA to two or three companies sharing one facility. Site selection numbers for shared facilities will not be assigned until the USGA is in receipt of the letter of intent and appropriate deposit from each sharing partner.

Third Party Agents

In the event you intend to have a third party handle the logistics relating to the Corporate Hospitality Program for your company, please let us know by including the relevant third party contact information on the letter of intent.

When the USGA forwards the hospitality agreement to the company representative for review and signature, an authorization form will also be included along with the hospitality agreement.  The company representative will complete the authorization form and indicate to the USGA how much authority the third party will have with respect to the details of the Program.  The company representative will continue to be copied on all correspondence sent to an authorized third party agent. Your company will be the named and signing party for purposes of the hospitality agreement and is responsible for all payments due in connection with the Corporate Hospitality Program.  The USGA will not accept payments from third party agents unless approved in advance and in writing by the company and the USGA. Any third party representative of your company will be required to comply with all policies related to the Corporate Hospitality Program and comply with the terms of the hospitality agreement.  Failure by your third party representative to so comply may result in the USGA withdrawing its approval for your company to utilize the services of such third party.  Further, should any failure to comply constitute a breach of the hospitality agreement, the USGA shall have the right to avail itself of its rights under the terms of the hospitality agreement in connection with such breach.

In addition, should your company decide to retain the services of a third party any time after you commit to the hospitality package and prior to the commencement of championship week in June, you will need to notify the USGA accordingly.  Upon receipt of such information, the USGA shall send the authorization form to the company representative to complete.