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MSG Promotions


Success Stories


“I was completely wowed by the experience of working with MSG Promotions.  I found every person I interacted with to be professional, highly responsive, solution oriented and helpful.  I can’t say enough great things about the experience.  From the helpful guidance to help us prepare to host clients, to the onsite help in the suite, to re-arranging our shuttle times, to shipping items for us. Their positive attitude and helpful answers were outstanding.  Great job to the MSG team – you were a true delight to work with.”

Tonya St. Clair
Northeast Region Marketing Leader



“As I have said many times over, if I could have the group at MSG manage all my events and projects, I would.  Everything is handled in such a professional and exacting manner. The constant and evolving information that needs to be passed down to the clients over such a long period of time is managed through an easy to access digital document as well as through well-spaced update sessions.  If I had any immediate questions I could always get someone on the phone at the moment I needed to.  This experience delivered exactly what we wanted it to – an opportunity to build or develop relationships with our clients outside of the typical social events in our world. We received rave reviews from our guests and we also had a great time ourselves.”

Sarah Arancio
Luxury Marketing Specialist


Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.

“When we consider using sporting events to help provide world-class entertainment to our valued clients and producers, we look for experienced, seasoned and dependable professionals who understand first-class hospitality and provide excellent customer service. We have worked with MSG Promotions on numerous programs over the last several years, and time and time again, Mimi and her team, from the planning stages through the execution stages, have demonstrated unfailing attention to detail while providing top-notch customer service.”

Louise Hines
Director of Sports Marketing